Shipping containers is usually the most effective and cost-efficient method of transportation. However, your goods may not fit in a standard sea container. In this case, our forwarding company can take care of all your break-bulk transportations.

CSI offers full and partial chartering services together with owners and operators. This way, we ensure that the best option is available at all times. We can transport everything from containers, cars, trucks and unitized cargoes to bales, barrels, bundles, crates and cases, and we can transport using RoRo, container, multi-purpose or break-bulk vessels. A worldwide basis and our in-house chartering expertise enable us to provide our customers with truly value-adding services. We constantly fix vessels that meet our customer’s requirements, whether it is for full or partial charters, from all preferred ports up to the final destination. 

Break-bulk agent        
Break-bulk transportation, or general cargo, requires more actions than standard sea-container transportation. It is therefore important that you choose a reliable forwarding company with much experience. Due to the years of experience of our liner agents, we guarantee safe and fast shipping. From start to end, we facilitate your transportation at the most competitive price. In addition, we can arrange for inland transport to the final destination. At CSI, you will always have a dedicated contact person ready for all your questions. We will keep you informed about your shipment during the entire transport process. You will receive information where your shipment is, and when and how it will be processed.

Iron and steel

CSI expertly handles all types of cargo: ingots, coils, plates, bars, billets, tubes, sheets, pipes, bundles, galvanized steel, slabs, T-bars, beams, rails etc. Our services include storage, warehousing, handling and, of course, sea transport. It also includes all administrative processing.

Would you like more information about break bulk, or would you like one of our agents to look for the best solution for your shipment? Please contact us. Together, we make sure that your goods arrive at their destination on time.