CSI acts as air-freight forwarding company in collaboration with its (office) partner Slade Air Netherlands (IATA member). We do this from your location (or storage) to the final destination of your consignee. This means that we can take care of all aspects of both export from the Netherlands and import. In the most efficient manner, we take care of an air-freight shipment within 24 hours after request. Due to our direct partnership with the airlines, air freight does not have to be much more expensive than sea freight. Obviously, it is many times faster. CSI and Slade have over 25 years of expertise in the field of air freight. As a result, we can realize any logistics process. We transport your goods professionally from house to house.

CSI’s service

The added value of a forwarding company helping you with air-freight shipments is unambiguous. Air freight encompasses more than just loading your goods on board a cargo plane. It is our job to support and relieve you. We help with any customs operations and all the other necessary paperwork. As an international forwarding company, we are happy to do this worldwide in partnership with our network.

Documentation air freight

Proper documentation is extremely important in air freight. For example, some countries apply strict rules to the import of natural products. The documents of your cargo determine whether your freight is admitted to the country. If desired, CSI can take care of this process for you. This way, you can be sure that your air freight is always handled correctly.

Up to the final destination

Once arrived at the destination airport, the process continues. CSI and its partner Slade Air Netherlands have a network of agents throughout the world. CSI and Slade collaborate with the leading airlines to transport every type of goods as efficiently as possible. We organize your air freight with both direct connections or full charter flights. Moreover, we make it possible to transport your goods further than the arrival at the port of destination. Together with our partners, we ensure that your goods arrive at the place of their final destination.