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  • Minimal risk of damage

  • Fast loading and unloading

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Customs clearance documentation

  • RDW documentation

  • Custom export documents

  • Bill of lading, sea waybills

  • Letters of credit

  • EUR 1 certificates

  • Insurance

Efficient and Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions with a Global Reach

Our extensive experience and worldwide network allow us to ensure the timely delivery of your goods to their intended destination. We strive to provide a seamless connection between the arrival of your goods, whether by air freight or road transport, and their final destination.

“We make every effort to deliver your shipment on time at the most affordable rate possible!” – Harry Veldman (owner CSI)

Air Freight: Your Solution for Fast and Reliable Cargo Shipping

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Air freight is an excellent solution if you need fast and reliable transportation for your goods. As an air freight forwarder, we can ship your air freight from almost any location worldwide. We offer a “door-to-door” service, which means we can pick up your cargo from your home and deliver it to the intended destination. Alternatively, the recipient can choose to pick up the shipment at the airport.

We also take care of all necessary documentation for your air freight shipment, such as customs and export documents. We offer an all-in-one service and strive to ensure that your shipment is delivered smoothly and without any issues to the correct address.

However, it’s important to note that not all cargo can be transported by air. There are restrictions, such as the transportation of dangerous goods without the appropriate documentation, and strict regulations on the import of natural products like fruit and herbs. Our team can advise you on the (im)possibilities of your cargo.

Air freight logistics are largely comparable to other freight transportation methods. Goods are transported in containers, which have associated costs and free time periods. They must be transported to and from the correct airport terminal, and proper documentation is required.

The primary advantages of air freight are its speed and reliability. Cargo typically arrives at its destination within 24 hours of arriving at the airport, making it an excellent way to transport time-sensitive and high-value cargo. However, the cost of air freight can be significantly higher than other transportation methods due to the higher cost of high-speed shipping, which is typically required for air freight.

Air freight can be divided into two main categories: general cargo and special cargo. General cargo includes everyday products, while special cargo requires specific handling and precautions due to its weight, dimensions, nature, and value.

The shipping process for air freight involves several stages, including checking restrictions to ensure that the cargo meets all necessary regulations, making bookings and arranging shipment, preparing the freight for export and packing it accordingly, calculating the gross weight and shipping costs, delivering the freight, tracking it, and collecting it. Each type of cargo has specific regulations and rules that must be followed throughout the shipping process, including proper marking and labeling, packaging, and handling.



As a global shipping company, CSI stands for quality, outstanding customer service, and a personal point of contact in over 100 countries. We’d be happy to go the extra mile to get your cargo to its destination as quickly and safely as possible.


With almost three decades of experience in the industry, our extensive network and expertise guarantee your cargo’s safe and timely delivery to its destination. Trust us to handle all your shipping needs.


We understand that every client has unique needs and requirements when it comes to freight forwarding. At CSI, we offer a variety of flexible fees that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


We take conventional cargo shipping to the next level by offering our clients complete support—from customs documentation to clearance, commercial invoicing, and export licenses—we assist our clients throughout the process.