Air Freight

Air freight is the transportation mode of choice for many shippers. The two key reasons for this is the speed and reliability that air freight cargo shipping offers. Although it might be more expensive than other means, there is no better solution for having your goods delivered at to their destination in the fastest way possible—without any weather delays.

The service involves a lot more than simply loading or unloading cargo, though. This is where our air freight services come in. We gladly help you with all the necessary paperwork and customs operations in order to support you as much as possible.

Our worldwide partnership with leading International Air Transport Association (IATA) members such as Slade Air Netherlands helps us provide fast, reliable, and value-added services to our clients—from your location to the consignee’s destination

Proper Documentation

In some companies, air freight services may involve strict import regulations for natural products. To facilitate the ease of admission of your cargo into a country, it’s important to have all your documents in order. CSI takes care of the entire process for our clients so that your air freight is handled correctly, without any shipping delays

Post Destination Arrival

The process doesn’t stop once freight arrives at the final destination airport. Our wide network of agents is located in all the corners of the globe. Our collaboration with Slade Air Netherlands allows airlines to transport clients’ cargo to reach their overseas destinations as efficiently as possible. You can avail our air freight services for full charter flights or direct connections.

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