Shipping Chemicals

Chemical transportation via sea-going vessels requires extreme caution and damage prevention. Typically, chemical tankers are used to transport chemicals in bulk via sea. These tankers are especially designed vessels that can carry liquid product in bulk listed in Chapter 17 of the International Bulk Chemical Code.

Chemical tankers have a deadweight tonnage (DWT) ranging from 5,000 to 40,000 DWT. They are smaller in size as compared to other types. This is due to the size restrictions of the port terminals and the vulnerable nature of the cargo.

Cargo Shipping International (CSI) provides the following types of chemical tankers.

  • IMO Type 1

This type of tanker is used to transport chemicals listed in Chapter 17 of IBC code of products with ‘very severe’ environmental hazards. The cargo to be shipped cannot exceed 1.2250 m3 per tank.

  • IMO Type 2

Type 2 tankers are used to transport ‘appreciably severe’ environmentally hazardous chemicals. The cargo quantity should not exceed 3000 m3 per tank.

  • IMO Type 3

This type of chemical tanker is used to transport chemicals posing ‘sufficiently severe’ environmental hazard. The tankers need to have a moderate degree of containment to be able to survive damage. There is usually no filling limitation for type 3 chemical tankers.

CSI’s is an international freight forwarding company that serves as a one-stop solution to overseas shipping needs of the chemical industry. We offer supply chain logistics from Ex Works to the supplier, delivering the cargo to the final receiver to ensure seamless transportation. You can easily track your shipments via our online portal.

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