Purchase Container

Most businesses today employ the help of shipping companies to transport their consignments. However, sometimes it’s more advantageous to purchase a container of your own. Shipping containers provide a solution for a variety of needs besides shipping, such as for storage and conversion projects.

Since containers can be transported easily, they provide a cost-effective solution for both, short and long term projects.

Purchased containers last for years and with a little maintenance, even decades. Depending on your usage, the container can offer a substantial return on investment as well as cover the cost of the container should you need to liquidate the asset.

We, at Cargo Shipping International (CSI), assist our clients throughout the process of selecting a container and purchasing it, ensuring that all your needs and specifications are met.

A few things to bear in mind while purchasing a shipping container are as follows:

  • Deciding the size of container that you need.Most shipping containers are available in sizes of 20 feet to 40 feet or 40’ HC (High Cube).
  • Choosing The Grade Of The Container.Container types can be categorized into four: One-Tippers, Cargo Worthy, Wind and Water Tight (WWT) and As-Is containers.
  • Choosing A Reliable Seller. Containers are expensive. Choose a reliable supplier to secure your investment and to ensure that you receive a premium quality container that offers longevity.
  • Preparing Your Site For Drop-Off. Decide on where the container will be placed. If it’s to be used outside then it’s best to ensure that there is airflow maintained underneath it.

For quotes and to purchase a container with Cargo Shipping International, get in touch with us.