Purchase a Container

Most businesses today employ the help of shipping companies to transport their consignments. However, sometimes it’s more advantageous to purchase a container of your own. Shipping containers provide a solution for various needs besides shipping, such as storage and conversion projects.

Since containers can be transported easily, they provide a cost-effective solution for short- and long-term projects.

Purchased containers last for years and with a bit of maintenance, even decades. Depending on your usage, the container can offer a substantial return on investment and cover the cost of the container should you need to liquidate the asset.

At Cargo Shipping International (CSI), we assist our clients throughout selecting a container and purchasing it, ensuring that all their needs and specifications are met.

A few things to bear in mind while purchasing a shipping container are as follows:

  • Deciding the size of container that you need. Most shipping containers are available in 20 feet to 40 feet or 40’ HC (High Cube).
  • Choosing The Grade Of The Container. Container types can be categorized into four: One-Tippers, Cargo Worthy, Wind and Water Tight (WWT), and As-Is containers.
  • Choosing A Reliable Seller. Containers are expensive. Choose a reliable supplier to secure your investment and ensure that you receive a premium quality container that offers longevity.
  • Preparing Your Site For Drop-Off. Decide on where you will place the container. If it’s to be used outside, it’s best to ensure airflow is maintained underneath it.

For quotes and to purchase a container with Cargo Shipping International, contact us.