CSI has been a reliable partner for RoRo cargo for years. We specialize in RoRo shipments to Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa, the Middle and the Far East, and Central and South America. Naturally, we also support you in your transportation to all other destinations. Due to our years of experience, we are aware of all requirements concerning RoRo shipments. We provide an excellent service for all your complex loads to all corners of the world. RoRo RoRo is short for Roll-on, Roll-off. It refers to cargo that can move and roll independently.

Machinery and vehicles are driven off and on the ship in this transport method. RoRo cargoes are often vehicles with large dimensions and heavyweights, trucks, buses, passenger cars, etc. The rolling load is firmly lashed and secured on board. During the voyage, the cargo is not moved. Only in the destination port is the cargo driven off the ship again. The benefits of this transport method are the minimal risk of damage and the fact that loading and unloading take little time. Types of cargo CSI takes care of all your RoRo transport.

We handle all types of vehicles: from trucks, buses, cars, tractors, construction vehicles to motor homes, trailers and caravans. CSI’s service Cargo Shipping International takes care of the entire process. We collect your goods and deliver your cargo to the expected departure hall if desired. Furthermore, we assist you in customs formalities, such as RDW documentation like indemnification and export declaration. Destinations RoRo CSI supports you in transporting your goods to any desired destination in the world. Below is a list of regions in which we specialize. These places often require special documentation. We take care of your paperwork and make sure your freight arrives at the destination on time.