CSI appointed as Worldwide Sub-agent of Agenzia Genovesa OGEFREM for FERI Certificates in the Democratic Republic of Congo

FICHE ÉLECTRONIQUE DE RENSEIGNEMENT À L’IMPORTATION (FERI): How to Obtain and Adhere to the DRC Customs Regulation

We are pleased to announce that CSI – Cargo Shipping International B.V. Rotterdam is appointed, effective April 15th, 2023, as the Worldwide sub-agent of Agenzia Genovesa S.r.l. representing OGEFREM DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
For all shipments around the Globe into DRC traveling by SEA, AIR, or ROAD, its mandatory to present a waiver form, a so-called FERI (‘Fiche Électronique des Renseignements à l’Importation’) together with all other relevant documents, e.g., Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill or CMR document, to obtain customs clearance in order to deliver the goods to the final receiver.

How to obtain:

To obtain a FERI number, you can contact us whereby the following information is necessary to be provided:

  • Copy Bill of Lading, AWB, or CRM
  • Commercial invoice/currency must be mentioned in USD or EURO
  • Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • Export Custom Document / H.S. Code
  • Phone number and email address from shipper and consignee if not mentioned on the copy B/L
  • ETS & ETA
  • Transshipment details like; vessel name, voyage no, ETA, ETS, transshipment port(s)
  • FXI or FSI number provided by the importer. (optional)

Important to adhere to:

  • According to DRC Customs regulations, all cargo to DRC must be accompanied by a FERI certificate.
  • The FERI certificate must be validated five days before the vessel arrives at the latest.
  • In case your shipment is sent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) via Road or Air Freight within the African continent, e.g., South Africa, Republic du Congo (RDC), Tanzania, Kenya, and Angola to DRC., you must also obtain a FERI Certificate for your cargo.
  • Shipments that arrive without FERI or with incorrect information on the FERI will be charged twice the certificate cost plus the regulation charge determined by the DRC National Port Officials. They risk not getting customs clearance and being returned to their origin.

Cost and release of the Waiver / FERI number:

  • The cost to obtain a WAIVER / FERI  via CSI varies per type of shipment (see attached)
  • Agenzia Genovese S.r.l will issue the invoice.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the FERI documents will be released to you by CSI.


For further information about CSI – Cargo Shipping International, please fill in the form on this page.

Or call us at +31 (0) 854 894 740

Or via mail at: waiver@cargoshippinginternational.com

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Background on waivers:

To ship any type of goods to certain African countries, a “waiver” certificate must be issued before the ship arrives at the port of delivery in order to avoid a customs blockade by the local Customs with the consequent accrual of stops and related costs. (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO).

If you ship to or through one of the listed countries, you will need this special documentation to avoid delays.

These waiver certificates (also known as ECTN – Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, BESC – BORDEREAU ELECTRONIQUE DE SUIVI DE CARGAISON, FERI – FICHE ELECTRONIQUE DE RENSEIGNEMENT A’ L’IMPOTATION) are required by most African countries to control, supervise and manage import/export traffic effectively.

Each Waiver document includes all the details of the exporter/importer, the shipping method (container, groupage, etc.), the type and value of the goods transported, the ship’s name, the cost of transporting the shipment, and other details. The importer or exporter can request the waivers, which must be presented before the cargo arrives at the port of unloading.

The issue of the waiver involves an additional cost for the importer or exporter, and this cost depends on the type of cargo (containers, break bulk, rolling stock, etc.), the number of containers, the number of bills of lading issued, and the country of destination of the shipment.

Each country has its own “Conseil des Chargeurs,” and each Council has its own rules for the issuance of Waivers.





Container 20’ Euros 60,00 All
Container 40’ Euros 110,00 All
Bulk Euros 0,50 (W/M) Pharmaceutical products, oil
products, mineral water,
concrete, food products of
first necessity (see attachedlist)
RoRo + Bulk + Container LCL
Euros 4,00 (W/M) RoRo + General Cargo +
Container LCL (groupage)
FERI issuance Euros 50,00 ( + Euros 2,00 of
stamp duty according to the
Italian financial law)
Per Bill of lading





From 0 to 500 Kgs (chargeable


Euros 50,00 All except precious goods
Over 500 Kgs (chargeable


Euros 75,00 All except precious goods
FERI issuance Euros 50,00 ( + Euros 2,00 of
stamp duty according to the
Italian financial law)


1. Local or imported wheat flour
2. Local or imported corn flour
3. Rice
4. Beans
5. Local or imported sugar
6. Salted fish
7. Horse mackerel
8. Frozen chicken and its derived
9. Salt
10. Beef meat and its derived
11. Pork meat and its derived

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