FCL, or Full Container Load, is one of the most common services in today’s global shipment processes and ocean freight. A Full Container Load refers to when you are the sole consignee of the container, enabling you to import and export larger volumes. With an FCL, there is a flat rate applied to your entire shipment.

A Full Container Load is cheaper than its counterpart, the LCL. For larger volumes of goods, the shipment is charged based on the rates per container instead of m3 for the LCL.

Since the container undergoes single handling, FCLs minimize the chances of damage to the shipment and can be tracked directly from our online portal. An FCL is only viable for your business if you have a large volume requirement to ship your cargo and if your goods are fragile or prone to damage.

FCL shipments are loaded into containers directly from your factory or your supplier. From there, your shipment goes to your destination through a lorry. At the end of the business, this entails a labor-intensive process to unload and unpack the container, so businesses choosing an FCL should account for these costs before making the logistical decision.

FCLs are highly cost and time-effective than air frights and LCLs due to lesser transits. They also provide higher security since the cargo does not handle it multiple times.

On the other hand, an FCL is not cost-effective if the shipment is less than 15 cubic meters in a 20′ GP container.

CSI’s FCL services are unique since we adhere to fixed scheduling, provide economies of scale to businesses and industries, and combine our broad portfolio for shipment visibility and customer resources.

Our team can provide you with the best advice on your container transportation needs, bearing in mind all the aspects of transportation, from warehousing and cargo consolidation to customs clearance and documentation.

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