Less Than Container Load, or LCL for short, is a part of our range of ocean freight solutions. LCL is the optimal solution for consignees who wish to ship cargo that is not large enough to fill an entire container or is below the weight and quantity at which freight rates apply. An LCL shipment is consolidated at a container freight station before being transported to the container yard at the port of origin and is deconsolidated at destination.

LCL is particularly beneficial for businesses that do not want to rely on a middleman for handling their cargo and have the resources to pick and drop off their cargo from the warehouse where the shipment is loaded and unloaded.

An advantage for opting for an LCL is that it allows for easier delivery appointments and allows your cargo to receive more “free time”. This means that the cargo will spend about 5 days at port before reaching the deconsolidation destination. This enables consignees to get a delivery appointment before fee begins to ensue.

Furthermore, LCLs are viable logistical solutions for smaller orders and shipments that reduce investment on inventory management and allow businesses more flexibility in terms of resources.

There are, however, some drawbacks to choosing an LCL. An LCL shipment is more expensive in terms of CBM rates and poses a higher risk for damage during transit if other consignments in the container are not packed properly. A business choosing an LCL shipment also needs to account for possible delays that may occur while waiting for other consignments to be grouped in the container or if the cargo is waiting for customs clearance due to another company’s cargo.

To book an LCL with Cargo Shipping International, get in touch with our agents. Our team can help you find the best logistical solution for your shipment, bearing in mind the aspects of transportation, warehousing, cargo consolidation and documentation.

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