LCL Shipping: an overview of Cargo Shipping International’s Solutions

As part of our range of ocean freight solutions, Cargo Shipping International offers Less Than Container Load (LCL) services for consignees who need to transport cargo that does not fill an entire container or is below the weight and quantity at which freight rates apply. On this page, we’ll take a closer look at LCL shipping, its benefits and drawbacks, and how our team can help you find the best logistical solution for your shipment needs.

What is LCL shipping?

LCL, or Less Than Container Load, is an ocean freight solution that consolidates multiple shipments from different consignees into one container. At the origin port, LCL shipments are consolidated at a container freight station before being transported to the container yard, where they are loaded onto a vessel. At the destination port, the shipment is deconsolidated, and each consignee’s cargo is unloaded.

Benefits of LCL shipping

LCL shipping offers several benefits for consignees, including:

  • Cost savings: LCL shipments are more cost-effective for smaller orders and shipments since you only pay for the space you need in the container.
  • Flexible resources: LCL shipping allows businesses to have more flexibility in terms of resources, reducing investment in inventory management.
  • More accessible delivery appointments: An advantage of opting for LCL is that it allows for more accessible delivery appointments and allows your cargo to receive more “free time.”

Drawbacks of LCL shipping

There are some drawbacks to choosing LCL shipping, including:

  • More expensive: LCL shipments are more expensive in CBM rates than Full Container Load (FCL) shipments.
  • Risk of damage: LCL shipments pose a higher risk for damage during transit if other consignments in the container are not packed correctly.
  • Possible delays: A business choosing LCL shipping also needs to account for possible delays while waiting for other consignments to be grouped in the container or if the cargo is waiting for customs clearance due to another company’s freight.

How can CSI help?

At Cargo Shipping International, we can help you find the best logistical solution for your shipment needs, taking into account all aspects of transportation, from warehousing and cargo consolidation to customs clearance and documentation. Contact our agents to book an LCL shipment or request a free quote. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and reliable logistical solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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