Freight Forwarding Solutions & Services

There is a wide range of freight forwarding options to choose from when it comes to freight shipping.

Freight can refer to the commercial goods, the volumes of goods transported, the money charged for cargo transportation, the amount to be paid, or the transportation process of the freight, and is commonly used in the transportation and trade industry.

Whether you want to expand or optimize your supply chain, CSI will meet your unique requirements and make sure your logistic process flows seamlessly, reliably, and efficiently. We believe that our customers deserve a full-service experience and excellent results.

Therefore, providing a variety of freight forwarding services and tailor-made, high-quality, logistics shipping solutions for successful door-to-door delivery of your freight. Our services cover a variety of products, with benefits extending to multiple industries and various sectors to power broader businesses, both large and small.

CSI’s freight forwarding services

Part of CSI’s freight forwarding services includes integrated inland haulage solutions, such as transportation by truck, rail or barge, and air freight, for;  

  • General freight forwarding
  • Project freight forwarding 
  • Personal effects/removal of goods
  • Inland haulage to the final destination

Besides that, we offer RoRo shipments, allowing large-scale manufacturers or wholesalers to ship their vehicles and other oversized freight.

Our tailor-made solutions span a range of safe, fast, and reliable models and can be carried out port-to-port, port-to-door, or door-to-door, through single or multiple forwarding services. Meaning we take care of the coordination and handling of your cargo at the time of packing, loading, and unloading, from when it starts to its final destination.

As it is essential to ensure that the cargo is packed correctly to arrive safely at its final destination, to avoid your load being assessed or rejected at higher costs, we also provide; 

  • Complete tailor-made transport insurance 
  • Storage

In addition to freight transport solutions, there is much more involved in successful freight shipping. In our service packages, we include the necessary documentation and clearances for your cargo, such as; 

  • Custom documents
  • Waiver requirements
  • CSI House Bill of Lading
  • Goods receipt

Your go-to freight forwarder

CSI is your go-to freight forwarder when you are looking for a competitive pricing service that takes the entire freight shipping process off your hands, whether it is shipping cargo by air, ocean, or land. We arrange your logistics process from A to Z.

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Having been in the industry for nearly three decades, we are equipped with the network and resources to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.


From collecting the cargo to delivering it, our flexible fees suit our clients’ needs.


We take conventional cargo shipping to the next level by offering our clients complete support—from customs documentation to clearance, commercial invoicing, and export licenses—we assist our clients throughout the process.