Military Logistics

When it comes to global military logistics, there’s a need for meticulous planning of heavy-lift project cargo and a highly secure mode of shipping. To be able to transport tanks, helicopters, fighter planes, etc. across the world, freight forwarders should have the required industry knowledge and expertise. They often have to work under strict deadlines when transporting military cargo. Such services are usually available on a global scale to reach remote destinations.

Military transportation services have unique shipping requirements such as flexibility of transport modes including ocean, land, waterways, and air. Typically Roll-on, Roll-off shipping is used to get the job done.

This shipping more loads and unloads vehicles and machinery via sea-going shipping vessels for overseas transport. This includes all types of vehicles such as cars, construction vehicles, tractors, trucks, mobile homes, and more.

Cargo Shipping International provides innovative logistics solutions via different channels. We boast an expansive network of global ocean freight agents that allows us to deliver oversized cargo with fast transit times. From the Port of Rotterdam to any other part of Europe and beyond, our military transportation services are second to none.