Haulage Solutions & Transportation by Road or Rail: Everything You Need to Know

Transportation of goods is an essential part of any business that involves shipping products. Regarding inland transportation, haulage solutions by road or rail are the go-to options. This mode of transportation consists in taking a route between two destinations, and the load can be secured on the vehicle or in a swap body, such as a container. Here’s everything you need to know about haulage solutions and transportation by road or rail.

Advantages of Transportation by Road and Rail

One of the significant advantages of transportation by road and rail is speed and reliability. Unlike other modes of transportation, such as ocean shipping, there is little risk of delays because they do not have to load or unload between origin and destination. Moreover, this mode of transportation offers door-to-door services. It comes in a wide variety of vehicle types, allowing for flexible freight forwarding services of almost any size and weight over any distance.

Types of Road Cargo

Before choosing the right type of transport, it’s essential to consider the type of cargo, weight, and shape/dimensions. The types of road transport goods can be general cargo, bulk cargo, liquid cargo (Full Truck Load), and groupage cargo. There are also oversized loads and/or heavyweight and dangerous goods that must be transported under temperature control and require their type of road transport.

Cost of Rail Transport

The costs of rail transport are typically not very capital intensive because the wheels of a train have minimal friction while moving and have less resistance through the surface. This means that if the conditions are right, a train needs about 50-70% less energy to transport cargo by road. For large shipments, over 100,000 pounds (ca. 45 t), rail is a more suitable and low-cost mode of transport.

Cost of Road Transport

The freight shipping costs by road are typically relatively low, using maintained public networks such as high-speed roads and usually toll-free roads. However, the costs are variable because you also have to deal with fuel prices, maintenance of the means of transport, wear of tires, and labor costs. Each vehicle needs a designated driver and cleaner. This makes road transport most suitable for sending small, high-quality products over short distances.

Types of Haulage Solutions

Haulage solutions can come in various types, including:

Haulage solutions can also involve multimodal modes of freight transportation for end-to-end deliveries, such as container shipping. It’s essential to choose the most appropriate means of transportation based on the type of cargo to be transported and whether the shipment travels internationally.

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