Why Rotterdam Is The Busiest Port In Europe

//Why Rotterdam Is The Busiest Port In Europe

Why Rotterdam Is The Busiest Port In Europe

In terms of both Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) and tonnage, the Port of Rotterdam is the busiest port in Europe. Rotterdam’s share of the continent’s cargo market is expected to grow further in the upcoming years.

Here, we discuss exactly what makes Rotterdam Europe’s busiest port.

A Sizeable Market Share

According to a Port of Rotterdam report, it enjoyed a 10.1% growth figure in container volumes in 2017. It currently has a 31% market share in the Hamburg to Le Havre region—the highest level since 2001.

Asia, North America, and South America were the source of a major chunk of the port’s market growth.  In addition, there was a 21% increase in all European shipping areas’ feeder volume, with the Baltic and Scandinavian states showing a strong performance.

Record Level Container Transport

Another reason the Port of Rotterdam is an unrivaled leader in the industry is that there was an exponential rise in the continent’s container sector.

The importance of the container sector lies in its role in increasing value-added service. This includes the employment rate in the hinterland and the port.

Investment in Digitalization

The port is home to renowned terminals which are technologically advanced. It’s constantly introducing brand-new tech initiatives to cement its title of the ‘smartest’ port in the world.

There has been a large influx of investment in digitalization which will facilitate new customer acquisition and help retain existing clients.

Collaboration With Tech Giants

To maintain its front-running position, the Port of Rotterdam is all set to work with industry leaders like IBM and Cisco. Its latest program is designed to create a centralized dashboard to collect and analyze real-time logistics data.

It also includes data on berth availability, weather, water conditions, and more. This is aimed at streamlining the traffic management services of the port to make its services more secure and efficient.

Operational Efficiency

Internet Of Things (IoT) sensor networks are to be added to the port’s roads and quays. The port plans to provide regular updates regarding actual conditions.

All these efforts are so that the Port of Rotterdam can boost its speed of operations—something it considers essential for its business. This will allow the proper use of complete available data.

With all these developments, the busiest port of Europe is set to provide its customers the ultimate shipping experience for the long-run.

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