Shipping Perishables: The Right Way to Do It

Transportation of perishable goods involves movement of temperature-sensitive items and is an integral component of cold chain logistics. With rising international trade, there is need for timely perishable product transportation from producers to end-users.

Perishable goods include dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables, poultry, seafood, and other items that require frozen storage. Coordinating logistics of frozen food transport isn’t always easy. You have to ensure products stay fresh at all times and that the shipment reaches customers before the goods reach their shelf life.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of ways your next temperature-sensitive delivery can go as smoothly as possible.

Pay Attention to Timing

It doesn’t matter if you ship perishables via sea or air. Remember that the clock is ticking and that half the shelf life of fresh produce is spent in transit. This means that precious food cargo can be at risk of damage due to unplanned delays.

Hire a freight forwarder that has experience in seamless cold storage transportation and offers reliable service. Look for a service provider with a time-efficient delivery schedule and optimized shipping routes.

Quality Control

When it comes to the transport of perishable goods, the quality and freshness of the items are of utmost importance. Utilize technology such as apps to notify grocery retailers of the item’s approach to give staff ample time to prepare for timely delivery.

With that said, businesses naturally want to stay within their budget. This is why you should streamline orders to transport varied frozen cargo in a single shipment. Also, cargo pallets should have sensor technology to alert companies of possible hindrances in the load.

The Right Containers

Depending on the perishables being transported, the company should find suitable containers. Reefer containers can be refrigerated, especially for temperature-controlled shipping.

The Right Containers

Solid and sturdy boxes protect food items from impact, damage, and pressure from other packages. All containers should be clearly marked to highlight the perishables within, such as “Food Contents,” “Handle With Care,” and so on.

Quick and Timely Transit to All Corners of the World

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