Top 3 Logistics Trends In The Industry

//Top 3 Logistics Trends In The Industry

Top 3 Logistics Trends In The Industry

With the boost in e-commerce, the importance placed on logistics has increased astronomically. This means that companies can no longer work with the same standard operational procedures and strategies.

To gain a defining competitive edge and to keep customers happy, logistics managers need to leverage the latest industry trends.

Let’s take a look at the 3 biggest logistics trends you need to keep up with this year.

Advanced Shipment Tracking Via IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to be the focus of attention in the technological world. With the ever-increasing growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there will be even more opportunities to analyze IoT data and reduce transportation costs.

You can expect an increase in sensor and tracking devices. Innovation in this field will mean more streamlined shipment tracking including GPS, mobile apps, and RFID. Such connected sensors will make the entire shipping process highly automated and efficient.

Businesses operating in all stages of the supply chain can use this technology to make better-informed decisions relating to warehousing, routing and staffing. This will result in significantly less downtime and more calculated cargo-related decisions.

Greater Supply Chain Transparency

Today customers want something more than product value. They want greater supply chain transparency. Brands all over the world are working to comply with heightened customer demand to make certain shipping changes.

One of these demands includes providing adequate supply chain information. In terms of goods safety and environmental violations, it’s more important than ever to dispel negative perceptions created by murky shipping policies.

Transparency in shipping is continuously changing in definition. It encompasses the mode of transportation—natural gas-powered train or air freight—as well as the human capital conditions. The salary of the workers, environmental factors and even political agendas are brought into consideration.

Omni-Channel Shipping Options

Online shoppers have come to expect product/service reviews, fast returns, price matching and of course, a variety of shipping options. These expectations were bound to have an impact on modern supply chain dynamics—especially shipping options.

More and more retailers are recognizing the importance of omni-channel shipping options.

If customers don’t see offers of two-day or overnight shipping, there’s a high chance they may not make the purchase or go elsewhere.

Such short shipping times have encouraged retailers to go the extra mile to get products to buyers’ doorsteps as fast as possible. This may be one of the most challenging components of the logistics process.

To resolve this problem and keep ahead of competition, retailers will invest more in in-store pickup and ship to store options. This’ll allow them to use their existing shipping options as well as provide customers with an even faster delivery option.

These were the three biggest logistics trends you need to watch out for this year. To ensure a smooth shipping experience, hire an international freight forwarding company like Cargo Shipping International.

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