Although timely shipping services can help to drive sales, the process can become complicated and expensive if done wrong. Errors could cost you thousands of dollars and cause long shipping delays. Unfortunately, these shipping delays aren’t claimable.

Finding the right international ocean freight forwarding company is one of the only ways to steer clear of common shipping pitfalls.

This blog discusses the top 4 international shipping mistakes you need to avoid.

Not Understanding the Shipping Regulations of the Destination Country

There are specific customs requirements for each country. The set of requirements you need to follow to get your goods cleared at customs in one country might not apply in another country. This is why it’s important for freight forwarders to know if they fully comprehend the regulations of package delivery before they set delivery expectations with their clients.

Most countries maintain updated versions of their custom requirements including certifications highlighting the product’s country of origin. To further investigate the trade laws and regulations of your destination country, it’s good to hire a consultant with expertise on the matter.

Improper Packaging

When it comes to international shipping, it’s crucial to safely package a product so that it arrives in pristine condition. Given the number of times a container is likely to be handled throughout the supply chain, there’s a chance that accidents may occur while shifting.

If the product is fragile, such as fine glassware, the packaging needs to be of dense, shock-absorbent material so that it remains safe in transit. This is why shipments should be correctly packaged according to the mode of transportation.

Insurance Trouble

Licensed freight forwarders carry a number of policies including General Liability, Error and Omission, and Freight Forwarders’ Liability (to protect shipping companies against human error).

It is recommended to verify if your shipping company is properly insured. CSI representatives are available to answer all your queries regarding the subject.

Product Labeling

In the modern international ocean shipping industry, a forwarding company can dispatch two separate shipments to the same warehouse. They place the shipment under two distinct bookings and consign it to 2 distinct consignees. Sometimes, warehouses mix the destination of boxes per shipment.

This is why it’s best for all shippers to label each box with the consignee’s information and booking number. For palletized cargo, ensure that the labels are showing on all 4 sides.

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