Tips on How to Choose a Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarding companies specialize in ocean and air freight shipments and inland transportation services.

Advanced supply chain solutions, updated industry procedures, and extensive hub associations are differentiating factors of a reputable freight forwarding company.

Not all freight forwarders are created equal. This guide outlines factors clients should consider when picking a freight forwarder.

  • Network of agents and business partners

This includes those in the country you plan on exporting to/importing from. Assessing the freight forwarder’s hub network is essential for local handling of international shipments.

The candidate needs to have a solid global trade connection to link you with critical markets across the globe feasibly. CSI recognizes this, so our air freight office partners include IATA member Slade Air Netherlands. But CSI also avails over an extensive network of agents throughout the globe.

  • Shipping experience around the globe

The industry leaders are those who have several decades of in-field experience. This determines the quality of service you can expect. It includes the company’s SOP in troubling situations such as port shutdowns, sudden cargo rerouting, warehouse storage shortages, dockworker strikes, custom documentation issues, and many more.

An experienced forwarder will have well-cultivated business relations around the globe, including Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. This helps in successfully avoiding such problems well before they even start, ensuring hassle-free shipping for you.

We are of the few freight forwarding companies that meet this criterion. The international shipping industry might not be the most accessible business sector to maneuver in. However, with our vast experience, we meet all of our clients’ shipping needs.

  • Value-added shipping services

When it comes to freight, proper documentation is vital. Some countries apply stringent rules regarding importing natural products and documentation of cargo. This is why you should hire freight forwarders that provide value-added freight services.

No matter the mode of shipment you choose, CSI staff supports you with all customs operations, documentation, and other necessary paperwork. We can arrange for inland transportation, fix vessels to meet your requirements from all ports, provide constant updates on the location of your shipment until it reaches its final destination, and guide you about freight insurance. Our additional cargo services include administrative processing, storage, and warehousing.

Cargo Shipping International (CSI) is an international Rotterdam-based freight forwarder that has been in the logistics business since 1984. With 30+ years of experience, we excel in catering to large, medium, and small companies and private clients.

Our express transit times and streamlined connection to various final destinations mark us out as industry pioneers. We offer assistance with seamless project cargo, container, Ro-Ro, and break-bulk shipping, as well as ocean and air freight.

Our team is passionate about meeting customers’ voyage requirements and is happy to go the extra mile to connect them with the best agents in key origin markets.

Our cargo and freight services are available for North, Central, West and East Africa, South and Central America, The Caribbean, and the Middle and the Far East.

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