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Transporting goods from one part of the world to the other is complex. From documentation to country import and export laws, you must ensure you correctly follow all regulations when conveying cargo.

That’s why it’s best to hire a leading international freight forwarding company like Cargo Shipping International (CSI) to ease your troubles. In 1984 the founders of CSI took their first steps in logistics services, and today we have moved to the heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We specialize in road transport, ocean, air freight, and project cargo. Our cargo and freight services include air freight, ocean freight, Ro-Ro shipment, container shipment, break-bulk transportation, and project cargo services.

Here we will discuss our three most popular services.

Air Freight

CSI is an air-freight forwarding company partnering with Slade Air Netherlands (IATA member). We have more than 25 years of expertise in air freight services.

We are in charge of handling all processes from clients’ storage to the final consignee destination. In essence, we manage the import and export of goods efficiently.

Within 24 hours post request, we will take care of your air-freight shipment. A significant perk we provide clients is the overall cost of air transport. Our direct airline partners make it possible for you to enjoy sea freight-competitive rates.

Container Transport

We have a vast network of agents and shipping companies that work with us to offer you a comprehensive container transport service. We assist clients with full container loads (FCL) and Less than Container Loads (LCL).

Regarding container shipping, each one must have a specific packing list detailing the contents inside. With our 30+ years of experience in the industry, we help clients comply with strict rules for sea transportation.

We are more than happy to take care of all your documentation, organize the container position, and even guide you through the transport insurance procedure.

Ro-Ro Shipments

Consider our services if you’re looking for a reliable freight forwarding company to partner with you for Ro-Ro cargo. We specialize in Ro-Ro shipments to various parts of the world, including Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa, the Middle and the Far East, and Central and South America.

In addition to these destinations, we also assist you with transportation to other places.

We’re experienced in handling complex loads such as caravans, construction vehicles, motor homes, trucks, tractors, and passenger cars.

No matter to which corner of the globe you want to transport vehicles, we know all requirements concerning Ro-Ro shipments.

We collect your goods and assist in customs formalities like RDW documentation (export declaration and indemnification) upon request.

We consider it our duty to ensure your freight reaches its destination on time, and hassle-free no matter which mode of transportation you choose.

To learn more about our schedules or services, call us at +31 (0)85 4894740.

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